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About the Chair

About the Chair

What we do

Strategy for
2014 - 2021
Strategic Objective 5: Promoting international scientific cooperation on critical challenges on sustainable development

(2014 to 2021)
Theme 1: Water-related Disasters and Hydrological Changes
Theme 2: Groundwater in a Changing Environment
Theme 3: Addressing Water Scarcity and Quality
Theme 6: Water Education – Key for Water Security
Goals (SDGs)

SDG6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.
6.3 Improve water quality by reducing pollution.

SDG12: Ensure sustainable production and consumption patterns
12.2 Achieve sustainable management and efficient use of natural

SDG13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts!
13.1 Strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate related
hazards and natural disasters!
13.3 Improve education, awareness raising and human and institutional
capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction, !
and early warning.


Activities and Outcomes

1.Coordinate and
facilitate the
water and climate
science research
in arid
1.1 Scientific network for water and climate science created
1.2 Activity report about creation of the scientific network for water and climate science
1.3 Database of scientific studies/field campaigns established and the link made available for UNESCO website

2. Promote
cooperation related
to sustainable water
consumption and
2.1 International/Regional workshop including published workshop material
2.2 Activity report about the preparations for the workshops
3. Foster linkages
between scientific
research and
management of
basins in the semiarid
and arid
3.1 Organised meetings of Basin Community Leaders, MAWF, MET, NamWater and the Chair
3.2 Established cooperation between researchers in selected basins within the region
3.3 Activity reports about the progress of the facilitated / initiated projects
4. Dealing with
present water scarcity
and developing
foresight to prevent
undesirable trends
4.1 Proposal for the project (incl. activities, partners, time schedule, dissemination concept and funding)
4.2 Organised joint field/experimental and computational campaigns for selected Basins
4.3 Activity reports about the progress of the facilitated /initiated projects
5. Educate, build
knowledge societies
and raise awareness
5.1 Publication of scientific papers, project reports, etc.
5.2 Information material (brochures, webpage, etc.)
5.3 Students/Professors exchange
5.4 Master and doctoral theses
5.5 Organized international and regional workshops with the partners - water and climate science study programs